Process Technology

With the know-how acquired over the last decades, SEMCO offers solutions in agitation, mixing, dispersion, homogenization, emulsioning and grinding, as well as complete and automated production systems.

SEMCO’s differential is the use of +40 years of experience, a Test Center, and Computational Fluid Analysis for an accurate performance and process assurance.

All equipment manufactured by SEMCO is customized according to the needs and requirements of each customer. 

Agitation and Reaction

Agitation is the most common way to mix products in liquid phase. Among the applications of agitation, four major groups deserve to be highlighted: Simple Mixing, Solids Suspension, Thermal Exchange and Mass Transfer / Gas Dispersion:


It is the mixture of two or more miscible liquids. In this case, one of the important concepts to be used in the agitator/mixer selection is the “degree of agitation” requirement: Gentle, Moderate, Vigorous or Violent, depending on the specific needs of the process and mixing time.

Dispersion and Homogenization

Dispersion is defined as all and any distribution of a certain substance into another, in a uniform and homogeneous pattern. Normally, to create a dispersion, it is necessary to accelerate the particles present in the liquid medium by means of a rotating element called a dispersing disk or dispersing impeller.

Complete Production Systems

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