Trishaft or Double Shaft Multi-Purpose Mixer

The Multi-Purpose Mixer is a robust and suitable equipment for homogenizing medium to high viscosity products, designed to meet the most varied requirements of industrial processes. The Multi-Purpose Mixer is composed of two or three mixing elements, that is, an anchor-type agitator, a disperser and a third element to be defined according to the application. The ideal solution for mixtures that incorporate medium to high viscosity products (up to 1,000,000 cP) and widely used in the cosmetic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Equipment available with capacities from 5.7 to 1,875 liters (or special designs for larger capacities).

Combined Processes


Used to reduce particle size, dissolve, homogenize and emulsify. The ability to rapidly reduce the size of the particles to be dissolved considerably reduces typical mixing cycles. Its efficiency is higher in products with viscosity, up to 10,000 cps.


It has a Cowles disperser disc with one, two or several speeds, acting on the process.


It has the important function of mixing high viscosity materials for the Emulsifier and Disperser. Allows increased heat transfer by removing the film from the tank walls.


The agitator is mainly used to help the homogenization of the mixture in large tanks, directing the flow of fluid towards the emulsifier or disperser.


  • Vacuum construction

  • Heating or cooling jackets

  • Sanitary construction and scraper arms

  • Lifting system to change the mixing tank

  • Discharge Press


  • Adhesives: polyurethane, rubber solutions, silicone.

  • Coatings: asphalt, floor and wall paints.

  • Cosmetics: creams, lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, ointments.

  • Plastic: polyester, polyurethane, resins.

  • Sealants


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