Sigma Mixer

Tangential or overlapping Sigma mixers have been specially designed for mixing high viscosity materials. The exclusive profile of their arms ensures perfect dispersion of the products in a shorter period of time, ensuring greater productivity.

The drive can be exclusive or unique for both arms, making the operation and maintenance simpler, despite the robust design and rare human intervention. In the tangential action system, the arms rotate at different speeds. In the overlapping system, the arms rotate in the same speed. The sealing system can be design according to the specific requirements of each process, from delicate and sanitary criterias to a rougher finishing.

The product discharge can be performed by tilting the tank through hydraulic cylinders; by extruder screw (Mixtruder version); or by manual or automatic valves, mounted on the bottom of the tank. In the Mixtruder version, the screw may have an inverted rotation in order to throw the material against the arms, improving the performance of the mixer during the mixing phase, then serving to discharge the product, which can also be used as an auxiliary element in extrusion.

Main features

The equipment can be built with heating/cooling jacket and can also operate under pressure/ vacuum.

  • Covers: various types of caps are available, flat or not, grid type, automatic or manual lifting systems, and designed for vacuum or internal pressure.
  • Sealing and gaskets: various types of sealing can be applied, according to the specific requirements of the process: packing boxes, sanitary mechanical seals, with or without air injection, etc. Likewise, the gaskets can be made of rubber, viton, silicone, teflon or other material suitable for the process.
  • Discharge: discharge can be carried out by tilting the tank, by manual or automatic activation, or by means of an extruder screw on the bottom of the tank (Mixtruder version). In the Mixtruder option, during the mixing process, the lower screw pushes the materials against the action of the arms, increasing the mixing action.descarga pode ser efetuada por basculamento do tanque, através de acionamento manual ou automático, ou ainda através de rosca extrusora no fundo do tanque (versão Mixtruder). Na opção Mixtruder, durante o processo de mistura, a rosca inferior empurra os materiais contra a ação dos braços, aumentando a ação de mistura.
  • Application technology: the application technology is totally based on previous experiences with similar products and, mainly, on the elaboration of pilot plant tests. Semco has a complete pilot plant, with various equipment, providing data for the appropriate scale-up for specific applications. In case of complex rheologies, and if applicable, Semco can also simulate the mixing process through Computational Fluid Dynamic.
  • Available models: Sigma tangential action mixers are available in two basic versions: LIGHT, for low/medium viscosity services, and HEAVY for extra heavy duty. Also available is the OVERLAP series, with overlapping action, also in versions for LIGHT and HEAVY services.

Other Applications

  • Gum

  • Soaps

  • Broths

  • Asphalt emulsions

  • Silicone

  • Waxes

  • Plastics

  • Rubbers

  • Drugs and various high-viscosity chemicals.

  • Anode Paste

  • Modeling Clay

  • Polyester Paste

  • Sealants


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