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SEMCO offers several types of services and is constantly improving its service structure, investing in the training of its professionals, creating tools to assist in the development of projects, construction and maintenance of its products, always with the purpose of providing quality, and fair commercial terms.

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The high quality, durability and performance of our equipment can only be guaranteed with the use of original parts, produced by registered and monitored suppliers to meet the SEMCO Quality Standard.

Keep a repair kit (parts that wear out over time) in your inventory to maintain your equipment running, avoiding downtime.

If your equipment needs renovation or technological updating, whether manufactured by SEMCO or by third parties, contact SEMCO for an evaluation, free of charge. Extend the useful life of your equipment and improve the productivity. SEMCO’s team is also qualified to carry out adjustments of equipment to NR-12 Safety Standard and to NR-13 Safety standard for Pressure Vessels.

The SEMCO Testing Center has dozens of equipment in lab and pilot scale, as well as control and measurement instruments to validate or develop processes.

Contact SEMCO’s Application Engineers and talk about your needs regarding mixing, agitation, wet grinding, dispersion and emulsification and schedule your test.


SEMCO has tools that help our specialists to perform totally accurate calculations, assuring an equipment more efficient and reliable.

CFD is a computational tool for fluid analysis, simulating the best performance for each process.

FEA performs simulations to assure reliability to the equipment, avoiding, for instance, breaks due to stress or even equipment fatigue.

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