Sand Mill / Bead Mill

The Sand or Bead Mill is a practical, low cost, continuous and high production equipment. It is ideal for grinding pigment agglomerates into film forming a smooth, uniform and finely dispersed products.

Depending on the process, it is applicable in the manufacture of virtually all types of finishings, coatings and paints with critical specifications, including automotive, industrial, marine, graphic inks, as well as a wide variety of materials, paper coatings, chemicals, magnetic tape coatings, insecticides, pesticides and similar products where grinding to a high degree of refining is required. Low gloss and furniture coatings can also be made with impressive film uniformity.

The equipment can be supplied in several models, with a nominal capacity from 4 to 950 liters/hour.


The SEMCO Sand/Bead Mill has a grinding chamber including a cooling and/or heating jacket, vertical shaft with a set of discs with a special design and high grinding efficiency, being able to operate with different types of spheres or beads, such as: glass, zirconium, ceramics etc.

The product to be processed is introduced into the grinding chamber through a pump (coupled to the mill) with variable rotation, allowing the operator to have control over the residence time of the product inside the chamber.

Once inside the grinding chamber, the product is subjected to mechanical pressure exerted by the movement and shock of the spheres, a function of the pumping generated by the grinding discs.

During the upward movement of the product inside the mill, all particles are subjected to the same process conditions, resulting in uniform grinding and within a very narrow particle size range.

At the exit of the product there is a protection screen that retains the spheres inside the grinding chamber.

Main Features

  • The shaft on which the discs are fixed is a single piece, with extension into the grinding chamber, passing through a double sealing device that provides greater stability in the equipment.
  • Individually balanced discs attached to the shaft for efficient and vibration-free operation.
  • Grinding chamber lined with cooling jacket to prevent overheating.
  • Protection around the screen area.
  • Protection of the grinding chamber against gases, drying and overflow.
  • The sealing system is driven by pulleys and belts, with constant rotation.
  • The product is introduced through the lower part of the chamber (by means of a pump), where the grinding process takes place by means of glass or zirconium balls; it is then discharged through the upper part of the chamber by means of a ball retention screen.

Typical Applications

  • Food (chocolates, mustards, paprika, etc.)

  • Ceramics

  • Fungicides

  • Insecticides

  • Pesticides

  • Chemicals

  • Textile products

  • Magnetic tape coatings

  • Paper coatings

  • Paints, coatings and varnishes


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