Double Motion

Double Motion Mixer is an equipment developed to work with high viscosities or products with low fluidity index. This product is also an alternative to avoid the use of baffles, for example in processes in which no contamination by “dead zone” is allowed.

Double Motion Agitators also allow the use of accessories and devices that can work together, such as: emulsifyierto increase shear, recirculation pumps and vacuum systems. Used in large scale in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the production of creams, mousses and lotions.

A special care must be taken on the configuration of the blades and anchors, that usually rotate in opposite directions, and also in the sealing system and mechanical design to support all the loads.

All of our mixers and tanks are manufactured according to the ASME standard, with Semco being recognized and certified by ASME and NB as a manufacturer of pressure vessels for industrial systems (“U” Stamps).


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