Mechanical Circulator / Vacuum Pan

In order to optimize the processes of sugar cooking, SEMCO first developed an agitator that works as a mechanical circulator, and recently developed a system that maximizes the pumping curve of the Circulators in the cooking stage. These two developments together take the most of the heat exchange, reducing the cooking time and thereby ensuring better sugar quality.

Parallel Mechanical Circulator

The Parallel Shaft Mechanical Circulator is the most common, thus being used in most of the processes.

Circulador Mecânico Paralelo

O Circulador Mecânico de eixo Paralelo é o mais comum, assim sendo utilizado na maioria dos processos.

Orthogonal Mechanical Circulator

The Orthogonal Mechanical Circulator is similar to the Parallel one, however it is used in case of not enough room/height for the drive installation is available.

Circulador Mecânico Ortogonal

O Circulador de eixo Ortogonal é semelhante ao Paralelo, no entanto é utilizado para casos onde o espaço para a instalação do acionamento é reduzido.

Equipment Detailing

Main Advantages

  • Possibility of working with lower pressure steam

  • Reduction of cooking times by up to 50%

  • Reduction of the Coefficient of Variation – CV Greater uniformity in the size of the crystals

  • Shorter washing time in centrifuges

  • Increased mass depletion 92 Brix

  • Sugar burns less when the speed in the heat exchange tubes is increased

  • Reduction of contaminants

  • Reduction of Turbidity


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